Reliable Sources To Learn About Chimps, Saved From Drowning Thanks To daring Man.!

Back in 1994, bus driver Rick Swope took a trip to his local zoo. sadly, when Swope stopped to check out the chimpanzees, something disastrous happened. Two male Chimps had engaged in a wrestle with each other. While trying to break free from the fight, one of the chimps, Chala, ended up putting himself in even more danger. chala fell off the cliffside of his pen and into the moat below. The moat is only meant to act as a hurdle to keep the primates within their boundaries. Considering chimps cannot swim, chala- chala was almost guaranteed to drown.


As bothered zoo-goers looked on, Swope leap into action. While the guardrails that enclose a zoo exhibit serve an important purpose, Swope found a pretty good reason to violate them. In fact, famed primatologist Jane Goodall even highly praised Swope’s actions after the fact by saying, “If you see that look with your eyes, and you feel it in your heart, you have to jump


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