Omg! This Guy Turned His Girlfriend’s Dog-chewed Shoe Into An Amazing Heel Ever!

This is jimmy and his girlfriend, jenny


They live with their 2-year-old dog,cami, in ,USA.


Their beloved pup has about half an acre of running space outside, Jimmy told  to  viralshop media. But sometimes he finds a way to slip into the house unnoticed.

“He’s smart,” said  jimmy. “So when he knows he’s inside ‘illegally,’ he hides and tries to remain unnoticed.”

About two weeks ago, cami, unfortunately, chewed up a pair of Jenny’s heels when the couple left the door to the wardrobe room open.


“I heard a loud shriek and found her crying in the wardrobe, holding the torn shoes in her hands,” said jimmy.

Fortunately for Jenny, jimmy is a full-time  foreman. He learned from his stepfather as a teenager and assured his distraught girlfriend that he could repair them.


“I drew from my experience in armor-making and detailing, added a touch of medieval architecture,” he said.


Jenny was totally shocked when she first saw the finished shoes, said jimmy.

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