This missy attempting In a weight loss challenge, so she can be ready for bikini this summer.!


In the wake of a shame surrounding the unhealthy practices of weight loss competition show The Biggest Loser, it seemed like weight loss competitions might become a thing of the past.

Down with the body shaming and hunger and prioritization of looks over actual health! However, this disgust for weight loss competitions may not apply to our fuzzy friends. Yes, people of the Internet, pet weight loss competitions exist .

This cat is competing against four other cats, six dogs, and an obese rabbit.

It looks like she’ll have some furious match .. Lol.!


please god if you can’t make me slim..make my friend fat..!

We wish all these chubsters the best of luck in their contest.

In all importance, obese animals are at risk of heart disease and diabetes, so we hope they get their health back on track.


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